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The Bicycle Revolution

In the wake of the largest bank fraud in U.S. history, I chose to go off the grids.  I cancelled my banks accounts and turned in the credit cards vowing to wean myself off of the electronic fiat monetary system forever.  The decision did not happen all at once.  It was the result of working at Wells Fargo as a  mortgage banker for some years, getting fake rich, nearly losing my life, witnessing the sub prime mortgage crisis as an insider, and all the time exhaustively researching and learning about the super rich transglobal multi-generational families that have owned the banking systems and right to print money for decades.

The all seeing eye of the Illuminati is on the back of every dollar.

I was shocked to learn the truth behind paper money and banking practices.  It is illegal, unconstitutional, and most of all, immoral.  I was facing a moral crossroads.  One road led me to material riches, social esteem, comfort, and bliss.  The other road leads through a series of trials and tribulations and ultimately to a place that we cannot fully comprehend.  In one, the fuel is money and the other is fueled by faith.

I have been biking to and from work everyday.

It is winter time in Minnesota.  I have been biking thirty miles every day from Saint Paul to Saint Louis Park.  It is freezing cold outside, but my body remains warm.  As I am riding under the black morning sky, I reflect on the life of Jesus.  If Jesus was here right now, what would He do?


One Response to “The Bicycle Revolution”

  1. I don’t believe in the Illuminati conspiracy theory, but I do know that American consumerism is immoral, generally. I was also a party to it, but didn’t buy into the sub-prime thing. Even up to three years ago, when I bought a big screen TV to watch my team in the SuperBowl. I’m paying off all my debt as well as I can. I too work for a bank you probably know, but not in the financial end. I don’t ride a bike, even though I live in comfy NorCal. I applaud your determination, and even if I disagree about Illuminati, I applaud your morality.

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