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The Bicycle Revolution Day 13

DAY #13

When the alarm clock sounds just around 5:00 a.m., the first debate in my head is whether I am going to strap on and brave the frigid morning winter air. “Just drive today. Nobody is watching. What difference does it make anyway?” are just some of the persuasive arguments promulgated by the cunning mind.

I fight the urge and roll from the couch placing both feet firmly on the carpeted rug thinking I have to do this. If I give up now, I will wonder the rest of my life about why I did not follow this calling with Godspeed.  I must continue along this road for the entirety of 2010.  The secret will be revealed to me later.  It is not meant for me to know now.

The Greenway bike trail in Minneapolis goes right to my work.

I will be the first to admit that biking 30 miles to and from work everyday in January is not easy.  It’s not the physical act of pedaling that is so tough, but rather the elements of the freezing cold Minnesota winter. The biggest threats are frozen toes, frozen cheeks, random ice bulges on the street, and speeding cars that are not on the look out for bikers.

With each pedal, the body warms from within and my resolve deepens for what God sent me to accomplish..


One Response to “The Bicycle Revolution Day 13”

  1. keep on bikin’ on. great example for all, bud!

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