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Three Pillars

I have combatted writers block for over a year now.  My daily writing has taken a back seat to filming and editing documentary film work that I do.  One of the reasons for this blog is to reinstate the daily habit of jotting down my thoughts, observances, and commentary about life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

It is essential to tear down the dam in my head preventing the free flow of my thoughts to the pen because I am running for US Congress in 2010.  It is essential for me to clearly and concisely communicate the message of the campaign to the prospective voters in Congressional District 4, the local media, and to the national arena.  Since there are not a lot of people who read this blog and I am fairly anonymous here, I feel that it is safe to discuss my platform to receive feedback to refine and focus the message.

I am running for Congress in 2010 because I see a better way to administer represenative government in 2010.

As I see it, there are three pillars to my campaign.  They are as follows:

1.  Restore Representative Government

2.  Reform Monetary Policy

3.  Promote a Culture of Life

Restore Representative Government-  I believe that the duty of a Congressman or woman is to be a near perfect instrument of communication between his or her constituents and Washington DC.  My vote will accurately reflect the collective will of the active constituents in my district.  I will use the communicative power of the internet to keep a schedule of all upcoming votes, full bill texts and summaries, and also a place for my active constituents to communicate how they would vote on each bill, therefore giving me a real-time analysis of how to best serve the people of Saint Paul.  It is not all about what I want.  This is your government.

Reform Monetary Policy- The current money system in the United States is unsustainable because it is controlled privately and in secrecy.  Literally, a handful of people control the supply of money in our country and these same people loan money to the government.  Because our state and Federal governments are in so much debt, they tend to serve the interest of the private lender (Federal Reserve) and not who the government should be serving which is the American people.  We can change this overnight by government reclaiming its ability to issue money.  The government would then be debt free and would then place the American people first once again.  The American people would benefit by enjoying policies that benefit us, price stability, and everything would become much more affordable once again for the middle class American families.  The cost of homeownership would go down, rent would go down, tuitions would go down, food prices would go down, energy prices would decrease, and Americans in general would enjoy a higher standard of living and would look forward to brighter futures.

Promote a Culture of Life–  I believe in the sanctity and dignity of every single person.  I believe that all life has infinite and equal value.  I believe it is our moral obligation to make sure that we live and take part in a society where respecting human life is a top priority.  This being said, I believe full heartedly that it is the our duty and the role of government to protect the unborn, weak, defenseless, and elderly, therefore I am strongly pro-life in all respects of the term.  Furthermore, I am against unjust wars where young children and elderly are the most susceptible to the violent and destructive nature of war.  I have never supported the war in Iraq or Afghanistan.  It has been shown that these invasions were justified on misinformationa and lies, therefore we must stop funding these wars and bring our troops home immediately.


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