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Good Time to Sell

Everyone knows the basic market mantra of buy low and sell high.  ESAUTV recommends that this is the ideal time to sell your stocks, bonds, and real estate if you can.  We are entering a period of deflation in the market place.  The stimulus is clearly not working, jobs numbers are getting worse, interest rates will begin to rise, there is a new wave of commercial and residential foreclosures surging, and most importantly, the political atmosphere in the United States is uncertain.  The progressive liberals are not going to just lay down their arms and stop fighting for government mandated health care, massive government spending programs, and the unprecedented expansion of the nanny welfare state just because they do not have the 60 seat Senate supermajority.

A good hedge against the coming crash is agriculture.

The economy is not in recovery mode.  The bailouts have kept the bubble inflated.  They are trying to increase the national credit line another $1.9 TRILLION dollars to reach $14.3 TRILLION dollars.  If this action is blocked in the Senate, we may be nearing the end game for US solvency and the dollar because our government will not be able to keep the lights on and pay the bills.

Regardless if this occurs in 2010, 2011, or 2012, one thing is clear, the end is near for the current fiat-zombie-ponzi style American economy.  This means that the market has peaked and deflation is near as measured by the American dollar bill.  The market may go up here and there, but you will not lose by selling now, buying hard assets, and weathering the storm.


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