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The Bicycle Revolution Day 22

The bike is my instrument to the Universe.

Jan. 22, 2010

The alarm sounds. It’s 5:17 am. I don’t want to do it today. It does not make a difference. Nobody is watching. The feet hit the floor. I grumble and moan and debate more as I stretch.

I keep hitting the snooze. It’s almost 8:00 am. I will be late. Taking my time, I shit, shower, and shave. Banana in the mouth I enter the Toyota. Roaring to life, I turn off the engine.

Redressing for the ice, I ponder the meaning. God has spoken to me through the bicycle. My metaphor for life.

It is my birthday today. There is a fire in my belly. I am hungry for the awakening. I finally found something that I can go after with no hesitation.


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